-HÖPE Kft. Esztergom- our components are built in their products and are exported mainly to Swiss and other west European markets.

-Sharpex Kft. Esztergom- our componets are built intheir equipment and are exported to the world market

-WIKA Kft. Esztergom- cut metal components of special vehicle-bodies (vehicle components, turbine- and driver’s components). Transported by the customer to domestic and foreign markets

-Rothenberger Gmbh. Germany-  german multinacional enterprise, our products exported directly to them and after construction are sold to domestic and foreign markets

Lehmann Gmbh Germany

-Tungsram-Schreder Zrt. Pilisszentiván- componets for led ligting parts for inner-and outer purpose

-LUC Kft. Esztergom- different parts for conveyor

-Magyar TOYO SEAT Nyergesújfalu