Welcome to babits ltd. !

Babits Ltd. was formed by two individual persons in 1995, and they are managing the firm together with professional team.

Our main activities:

           - mass production of machine and equipment components

           - as a special need, non-series products too

We are supplier to more multinational firms, (to Swiss, Germany, French, Austria, and UK.).

Among our partners are suppliers to car industry. Our components are implemented to their equipment and so exported to the car manufacturers. Our products have very wide scale, from the heavy industy components, to the medical measuring instruments and tools.


Horizontal machining center:

One horizontal machining center for milling with 630x630 mm that have two tables and four axes. The tool system is BT50, and able to use 120 tools.

The new MC is used to produce components for driving machine houses, and other complicated components.


Vertical machining centers:

We have 3 vertical machining center with 4 axis. From these 2 are new. The first has table with 1200x650x650, the second 1000x500x560, the third is 800x500x500.

Our turning machines are able to produce components from 8mm to 560 mm diameter and 2000 mm length. We are waiting for orders with 15 pieces of CNC turning machine centers.


Our main activities are producing machine components, but we accept to produce other particles for different purpose.


With regards


Babits Mihály and Babits Károly